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The UBC Mental Health Awareness Club (or UBC MHAC) was established to provide opportunities to discuss and promote mental health awareness throughout the UBC campus and community.  Our aims are to eliminate stigma towards mental illness and create an environment where students, staff and faculty members can discuss and learn about mental health together. Our mandates are to:

  1. Raise awareness about mental health and mental illness through our events (e.g. Speaker Series, special lectures, symposiums) to create an environment where individuals can freely communicate about their questions about mental health and mental well-being.

  2. Eliminate stigma towards mental illness by disseminating information through our events and communications, and helping individuals understand mental illness is non-discriminatory in who it affects.

  3. Provide connections to mental health resources and establish an inclusive, understanding campus environment to help students achieve optimal mental wellness.

  4. Encourage interdisciplinary and interprofessional participation by interacting with students and faculty in health science disciplines and non-health science disciplines through the promotion of our events.

  5. Offer professional and volunteer opportunities within the UBC MHAC and external organiziations to allow students to gain knowledge on relevant mental health topics.

We welcome students from all backgrounds, academic or otherwise to help us achieve our aims, and to learn more about mental health awareness.

Mental Health in the Community 

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