Coffee, the Memory Booster

A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins university has done a recent study that suggests coffee can help consolidate memory up to 24 hours after it has been consumed. In the study, participants were either in the control group and received a placebo pill or in the experimental group in which they received a 200 mg caffeine table for ingestion five minutes after they studied a series of photographs. The next day, participants were presented with the same pictures, as well as a few pictures that were similar to the originals. The caffeine group was better able to successfully differentiate which photographs were similar, but not identical, to the ones they had previously seen the day before. The key thing to note from this study is that the caffeine was administered after the participants had done their studying of the material and not before, suggesting that it is not the “extra energy boost” that allows us to believe that we need coffee in order to effectively study.

Check out the full article here!

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